420 Experience (4hrs.)

Visit a High-End Dispensary.

We’ll start our tour with a visit to CCCN, a favorite of locals for its wide variety of products. Whether you’re looking for edibles, flower, dabs/wax, concentrates, CBD or any other type of cannabis, you can rest assured that CCCN has what you’re looking for! Plus, all GreenTours guests will enjoy a special 10% off their entire purchase in addition to a 50% tax break from the dispensary’s owner.

Experience one of SoCal’s only licensedCannabis Grow facilities.

Next, we’ll swing by the grow famous for creating the strain Skywalker OG!Here, you can get up close and personal with the cultivation process to learn firsthand how marijuana is grown for sale and consumption. Plus, be prepared to come with questions for the master grower who oversees the entire production.

Smoke in Style.

Our next stop on the tour will be the notoriousWake & Bake Lounge, one of L.A.’s best lounges for kicking back and lighting up. Here, you’ll be able to fully enjoy any products bought at the dispensary or anything you’ve brought along.

Witness an AMG Glass Blowing Demo.

Ever wonder how luxury water-pipes, rigs, and other glass paraphernalia are made? The demonstration at AMG (American Made Glass) will put you front and center of all the action! Plus, enjoy a tour of the factory and a generous 50% off any and all AMG products purchased.

Munch Like a Food Critic.

To end an amazing day, we’ll swing by one of L.A.’s most renowned eateries, Fabs Hotdogs. Renowned by beloved LATimes Food columnist and Pulitzer prize winner Jonathon Gold and featured onFood Network’sDiners Drive-Ins and Dives, this restaurant is the perfect setting to take a bite out of L.A. and satisfy any munchies.

“Ride in High Class with GreenToursla.com

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 18 reviews
by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

My partner and I took this tour, the hospitality on the tour and the information was well w0rth it for us. We took the Hollywood tour and really enjoyed ourselves. We are back in LA in a couple months and we already booked the 420 experience tour!! GREAT JOB GUYS

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

What a fun time!! Thanks Dan, you were Awesome and so knowledgeable I loved the tour!!

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

We had a pretty big group (5) and we all positively loved the  420 tour! Dans trans-atlantic accent is HILARIOUS!!! If I have a friend coming into town I would highly recommend this tour to them!

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

fresh tour. Well worth it if you live in a state where cannabis is not legal so you can get the full experience of buying weed commercially, the stuff at the dispensary was straight gas!!!! Lowkey shat on the stuff I get down in Florida. My girl and I got absolutely lit and had a great time! I got a dope piece to bring back with me, they provided stuff to use so I didn’t have to use mine so I could take it on the plane with me back to FL.  

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when I booked the tour on groupon. The tour exceeded my expectations, I actually learned a lot from the tour guide and got a fucking rad bong for half price and the glass factory we visited!  

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

yo guys shit was real thanks for being so accommodating

by Destiny Laramore on Blank Business Name

These guys are so nice. I hadent checked my email so I thought we were supposed to be there an hour later. The guys kept in contact with me, and they waited for me ans the 3 others with me. I though that was so awesome. The only thing I was a little disappointed about is that we didnt make it to the coffee shop. Thats something I was really looking forward to, but im atill giving it 5 stars because im sure my being late caused that problem.
Anyways it was so much fun. Thanks guys!

by Marshall Jacobs on Blank Business Name

Fuckin epic tour. Kevin the tour guide was legit. We saw dope shit and got high as hell. I'd ride again for damn sure.

by Mark Green on Blank Business Name

This was my first weed tour and I hope it wont be the last. I loved everything, especially the funny host. I really loved the glass blowing. Never seen that in life before. I loved the whole thing

by Belinda Moore on Blank Business Name

I never really smoke weed before. But my concierge told me about this amazing tour so I just had to try it. 5 stars all around and a special thanks to you know who ; )

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