About Us

Welcome to Greentoursla

GreenTours is at the forefront of cannabis tourism and the Go-To for all things marijuana in Los Angeles. We are revolutionizing the way tourists and locals have a 420 experience. We offer visitors a glimpse into the world of cannabis legalization, weed culture, the cultivation process and marijuana experiences across LA and Hollywood. If it’s flower, dabs/wax, concentrates, edibles or anything else marijuana, GreenTours is your resource for all things pot in Southern California. Find pot-friendly classes and workshops, book a home with our weed-friendly rentals, and visit LA’s premier dispensaries and lounges in our GreenTours luxury buses. We at GreenTours are more than just a team, we are a family of like-minded individuals who have experience in both cannabis and tourism/transportation. Combining our knowledge in what seemed to be two disjointed industries, marijuana reforms helped give birth to a truly immersive and encompassing marijuana experience.


GreenTours is dedicated to providing premier ground transportation to each and every client through elevated standards of performance in the areas of safety, maintenance, customer service, driver training and equipment. GreenTours provides high quality transportation and exceptional service for point to point excursions, special events and more. Our bus charter offers a safe and reliable means of transportation so our clients can travel worry-free, for both large and small groups. We have been in the transportation industry for many years providing charter services around the United States. We have an impeccable track record with the CHP and have a documented history of outstanding safety and customer service. Exceptional customer service and our customer’s safety are our top priorities! Our experienced staff assist and guide our clients from their initial call to the last stop, ensuring that the GreenTours Transportation experience is pleasant and safe. Well maintained and inspected regularly, we are confident that all our vehicles will provide a comfortable, enjoyable and safe journey.